Fleet Management with Toyota & Crown

Capturing and understanding the data behind your Toyota and Crown forklift fleet is the key to optimizing productivity, minimizing costs, and seeing measurable improvements. With the right fleet management tool, you can manage resource allocation, gain insight into business trends, and improve the overall safety of your operations.


Automation at Lift, Inc.

Watch Crown Forklift’s informational video to learn how their InfoLink system improves operator mindsets and gives you and your team the tools they need to succeed! Want to learn more about what Lift, Inc. can do for your operation? Visit our Automation page to streamline your costs and improve your turnaround time.

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Crown's InfoLink® System Changes Operator Mindsets
  • Improve Safety

    The Crown InfoLink Fleet Management tool helps ensure your facility is as safe as possible. With electronic inspection checklists, safety reminders for operators, impact monitoring, and access controls to ensure equipment can only be operated by trained personnel, you can be confident that your facility is as safe as it can be.

  • Benchmark & Grow

    Fleet management technology can help you benchmark fleet performance, set goals, and achieve results. When you understand how your fleet is actually being utilized, you’ll be able to upsize or downsize when needed without guesswork.

  • Trend Analysis

    Wouldn’t it be great to plan for maintenance when business is slow? Or, rent an additional forklift when a seasonal spike is about to occur? Fleet management tools can analyze the data to identify trends in fleet usage to guide your business decisions and improve uptime.




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